Are You a Babe Ruth Fan?

Born February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland, Babe Ruth is a name easily recognized more than 80 years after his last home run in the MLB. Yes, The Babe, as he was known, was just that great when it came to playing baseball. He is a legend and there’s no doubt a name that we’ll still hear and talk about in another 80 years.

Show Babe Some Love

If you’re an MLB fan who knows and appreciates their sports history, Ruth is certainly a name that you admire. So, why not purchase a Babe Ruth shirt to show that admiration? There’s an endless number of designs and styles of shirts for men and for women and you’ll look terrific wearing any of them!

Shirts sporting the Babe’s likeness are made to wear for fun, for remembrance, and simply to show support. Real fans of The Babe will have several shirts in their closet with each style available. You can never go wrong when you have a Babe Ruth tee on your body.

A Baseball Hero

It was in 1919 while playing with the Boston Red Sox that Ruth first made record-breaking slugging averages and he only continued his impressive hitting for many seasons thereafter. In fact, he broke his own record the following year while playing with New York. He broke his record again in 1927. This record would hold for more than 30 years before it was broken again.

MLB fans who love The Babe and appreciate his contribution to the sport should not wait any longer to order their shirts. Order two or three shirts and have several to pick from when you want to admire the Babe. The baseball fun begins when you’re wearing your Babe shirt.

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